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 My passion for all things paranormal started when I going to The Sydney Ghost Tour at The Rocks. It  was a historical/ghost tour which was good but left me wanting more. I looked on the net for more tours and I found the  site for Australia's most haunted locations. I rang around  and got all the information about them.

 Next on my list was the infamous Monte Cristo (Australia's most haunted house).  I took lots of photos as I went on the tour and when I looked at them I found I had things there that I just could not explain.

This made me get very excited so I took  photos of everything on tours to see what would I could capture.

Liz Vincent from Picton Ghost Hunts  ran  very informative and fun nights having all  sorts of different tours for the young and old. She guided us through  cemeteries and lots of old buildings with interesting  stories of Pictons past.

Unfortunately with Liz's passing and now council pressure these great tours are now finished.


If anyone has photos, videos or evps you would like to share please forward  them to me and I will add them on this site for all to enjoy.

If you would like to contact me you can at [email protected]

 If you would like to see Monte Cristo  go to this site http://www.montecristo.com.au/



Below are various photos of different locations I have been to. What do you see???


These photos are from Monte Cristo 28-11-08



The next photo i am not sure what the image is, it was taken in the tram at Picton.


This is a photo of my friend walking upstairs at Monte Cristo, what do you see???

Can you find what's in this picture?


This photo was taken in the loungeroom at Monte Cristo, I felt cold so I took a picture and got this image.





The image in this picture was taken at Monte Cristo...what do you see?





The next batch of photos were taken on our ghost tour of Picton 28/11/08.

When this photo was taken no one was smoking around me.







This article is from the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin which top medium Charmaine Wilson comfirmed my runs with their ghostly resident. This article was written by Adam Wratten.



These photos were taken at Rockhampton, Queensland on the  15/01/09

This is the photo enlarged. What do you see?


This is the original photo of the entrance at the Criterion Hotel

This is the same photos but back a little.



This photo what taken upstairs of the hotel,  what do you think it is?



This is the Criterion Hotel where the photos were taken.

I highly recommend if you are staying in Rockhampton to visit this wonderful hotel. They have great hospitality and you must sample the food and drink, yum!. So go and see it for yourself.




The next photos were also taken at Rockhampton Cemetery. You be the judge...dust, moist or Orbs???? 



The next photo was taken at a school in Rockhampton... there is something in the bushes?????   taken  January 15/01/09.




St.Marks Graveyard, Picton (10/06/08) ..What do you see ??





In this photo we are outside  some flats on Menangle Rd, Picton (10/06/08)... is this an Orb and face, you decide??? 





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