This EVP was taken at a clients home at a undisclosed location in Sydney...you will hear a little boy say "hello... hello"... there were no children present at this investigation...




This EVP was taken at Picton Redbank Range Tunnel... it's not the best EVP but you be the judge...





This audio was recorded in a tunnel in Campbelltown near where Fred Fishers ghost is said to roam. You hear Alic asking Mr Fisher 'please come back to me' ..as a black shadow approached us... it's sounds like he says 'you are brave '....what do you think?




 At a Picton Ghost Tour with Dannie La Bella Formosa our Tour Guide..This EVP was captured in the famous haunted Redbank Range Tunnel. You will hear a young girl say 'hello' ....


While author Julie Miller of the book "Something is Out There" accompanied us on a Picton Ghost Tour with Dannie La Bella Formosa as the Guide..This EVP was captured in the famous haunted Redbank Range Tunnel. You hear a girl say 'ta ta' .....



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