Goulburn ghost hunting

They run the Ghost Tours in Goulburn and the Southern Tablelands giving people an authentic yet fun and sometimes frightening peek into the invisible shadow world of apparitions, ghosts and other unexplained paranormal phenomena.
The Tours start from the simplistic night tours of haunted places to more in-depth Tours of a particular place on our most haunted list. We also conduct speciality investigations with some of Australia's most reputable paranormal investigating agencies and leading psychics.
The interest is in explaining the unexplained. This means that some phenomena may not be from a super natural source but we think this discovery, rather than being disappointing, highlights how special contact really is when we do make it with the other side and can provide scientific evidence of this existence.
Please join them on one of our exciting tours.They include snacks, warm drinks and time to chat about the experiences afterward. Some tours include a three course dinner.

For more information from our friendly staff and for ticket bookings please call! (02) 4822 8808 or email them at [email protected]

 This is the web site to see more tours


 The team will be there on the 11/06/11 to do a ghost hunt it was so good that the team would like to go back to do more ghost hunting. We got some good photos,EVPS


In this EVP there some one singing



              In this EVP you here please help



   In this EVP you here a male yelling



         In this EVP there is a lade yelling



  In this EVP you will hear a little kid talking 



In this photo you see some one in the window


          In this photo you see a face


      In this photo you will see a face


    In this photo there some one looking out


 In this photo you see some one in the window


 In this photo you see some one looking out


          Not sure what this is


 In this photo you see a moving orb


    In this photo you see a orb on Chris


        In this photo you see orbs


 In this photo you will see someone sitting down


       In this photo you see  face


   In this photo you see a moving orb


 In this photo you see a orb and someone standing




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