Sarah's Grave 01/09/11

On the 01/09/11 the went back to Searah's Grave to see what we can get.As we walk around we saw many things. here are the best photos, EVPS from the night


      Tell me what you hear in the EVPS



















                              Here is a nice face




                   In this photo you see a face


                   Here are some faces and orbs


        Here is a full body in a photo




            Sarah's Grave

 On the 24/08/11 The team is going to Sarah's grave and we going with E.C.P.S. East Coast Paranormal Society will post photos after tonight ghost investigation


Story by Dane Millerd

When Sarah Marshall arrived on the Convict Ship the Friendship from the United Kingdom more than 190 years ago she couldn't have foreseen the gruesome fate that awaited her.

Transported for stealing some apparel, Sarah served her sentence obediently and it was not long before she had earned her freedom. Around this time she met and befriended John Simpson, an independent, well-to-do man. Together they would have eight children out of wedlock. However, this was frowned upon at the time.

On her way home one night, Sarah was set upon by a group of men who had been following her in the shadows. Sarah was brutally murdered in a fit of lust, Her remains were left near her home in Castlereagh NSW, and the cowardly men raced off into the darkness.

It was a sad and sorry way to die. When her battered and scarred body was found, John Simpson was utterly devastated. He was now alone to search for answers to this horrendous crime, and to care for their eight precious children.

Sarah Marshall was buried as Sarah Simpson, and it is said that John married her at her graveside to allow her to pass without sin into the next life.

Sarah's story doesn't end there, her epitaph on the headstone reads as follows :

And am I born to die,

To lay this body down.

And must my trembling

spirit fly,

Into a world unknown.

A land of deepest shade,

Unpeired by human


The dreary regions of the dead,

Where all things are


The legend goes that Sarah used to harass young men if they come near her graveside. While at the same time many young women claim to have seen her ghost appear in the trees above.

 Here are some of the best photos from the investigation.


     In this photo you orbs and face 

    In this photo you see more face and orbs       


  In this photo you see some one looking at the team  and a orb

       In this photo you see a face

                Not sure what this is

       In this photo you see two faces

        What do you see in this photo

                A orb with Dannie

                Look like a face


        In this photo you will see a face


 This photo was taken by Joe Simiana you can see a green orb


      This photo was taken by Joe Simiana you can see a green orb




 This photo was taken by Joe Simiana you can see some one standing



           Erskineville Graveyard

on the 30/07/11 the team went to Erskineville Graveyard to see what we will get in out photos.

It was a good night and hear are the best photos

In this photo you see some one looking at us

   I am not sure what this is in this photo

      In this photo you see some orbs

                This is a nice orb

              This look like a face


21/04/11 The team back to Nth Parramatta graveyard to do a ghost and and see what will we get in our photos. As we where doing our ghost hunt some young people turn up to see what we were doing. After explaining to them why we where there they join in your investigation

 Here are the best photos from the ghost hunt


                Not sure what this is


  In this photo it look like a male looking at us


   In this photo you see two people standing


 In this photo you see some one behide the tree


                  In this photo you will orbs


  In this photo you will see young people help as do the ghost hunt



  Here are the young people doing there fist ghost hunt with the team


   This photo was taken by Chris useing a full spectrum cam




07/04/11 went to do a ghost hunt in Nth Parramatta graveyard we took lots of photos we pick the best photos to show

       In this photo you will see some thing standing there


           In this photo there something standing there


                       Some one with the back to me  


         You will see two people  looking at us


                          Not sure what this one is




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