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This is at the end of our tour and we all had fun. We would  like to go back there and do more tours. This is local paper "The Morning Bulletin" it reports about a medium who did a ghost tour at the same hotel where i did mine. Some intersting reading. 

In Jan 09 I did a ghost tour in Rockhampton, we went to an old hotel that was  said to be haunted by a lady. I went there to see if i could fine a picture of her.When we started the tour with Margaret, Anthony and Gwen we looked around the hotel to see what we could find. It was very nice. these  are some photos we took .15/01/09

  this room is down stairs first room to the right as you walk into the hotel.

this is the front door you walk into

the next photo that you see shows you how old the stairs are

this one is upstairs were the accomodation is

this is the part of the hotel this is nice to seat and have dinner in and drinks

          In this photo you see a male


 In this photo you see a face on the door

   This is the hotel that is nice to go to and where it is hunted




               More to come soon





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on the 26th we going to glen innes

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