The famous railway tunnels of Helensburg

On the 5th of Novmber 2011 the team went back to Helenburg tunnels to continue our investigation at night. We then went to Helenburg Cemetery where  we got a photo that we just cannot explain and looks to be paranormal in nature.  Historical Encounters and E.C.P.S. East Coast Paranormal Society were present that night.











 Not sure what this is?????







  You be the judge???













The next shot taken within seconds shows no black mass on the ground....what could it be???



           Helensburgs famous two tunnels

n the 11th October 2011                            the team along with Paulene Andrews  went to Helensburgs'  famous two disused railway tunnels to conduct an investigation during the day of alleged hauntings..

The first smaller tunnel is where a young man committed suicide this year by hanging, and he is said to haunt it.

The larger main tunnel is allegedly haunted and people have been known to conduct seances in this the reason for the mysterious paranormal activity?????

Here are some photos from the investigations.



    Paulene Andrews from Eden,Dannie, Jason, Adam (cpigs)


     This is the first tunnel where the young male hung himself


  As the team were taking photos we come across this photo

  This is the main tunnel  where people are known to conduct seances.The tunnel is so dark that you need to take

 a touch with you to be able to see where you walking. 

 As the team walked inside the tunnel we did hear someone talking and whistling behind us but only our group was there.

  Here are our best photos  from the tunnel


This photo was taken by Dannie 



 If you look top right there is an anomaly that isn't in any other shots and possibly paranormal in nature.

 This photo was taken by Dannie. Strange mist coming from the ground up???? 


    This is Dannie and Paulene from Eden having a giggle....

        This is looking into the was very dark


     This is Dannie with what looks to be an Orb above her

              Possible  orbs inside the tunnel

 This is a lovely comment Paulene posted on facebook after our investigation.

Hi Jason thanks heaps to you all for letting me come it was so cool. It was cool when that little girl ghost said my name and also in the tunnel the man that was whistling and breathing. So I'll have to read more history about Eden and get moving on my ghost tours so you can all come down my way.


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