Macquarie Fields Railway Station


After reports of the sound of a young girl crying and some sightings at this railway station the team launched an investigation. So as usual we chose a dark evening to go and investigate this unusual occurrence. Armed with cameras the team consisting of Jason, Peter, Margaret, Jessica and David advanced on the station. Cold but with no fog we traversed the station not leaving a crevise unsearched, both platforms and all offices and buildings thoroughly checked. We were unable to detect any unusual sounds but we did take some very interesting pictures with orbs and ectoplasm evident. This site needs further intense study.

If you want to Investigate Macquarie field station please get permission from State Rail as we did.



Here are some of the photos, I hope you like

This is one off the photos we took

Under the blue dote you see a face

This photo was taken by Peter

This is some one standing and looking and there was no one there

This appears to be a face

After we left Macquarie field station we talk about going to North Parramatta Cemetary for  small Investigation, we did get a good photo.


Tell me what you think this is?


There will be more Investigations.


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