MAITLAND GAOL 03/04/10

 A small group of members went to the ex-inmate tour at maitland gaol. It was a good insite if what life would have been like in the gaol.

They show as the different types of cell,amenities,exercise yard.

The gaol is now to house Ivan milat, the Murphy brothers

As we where doing the tour in the A block two members heard something scraping and foot steps on the floor above and there was no one up there and it was close and locked.

In the front window above the entrance  to the gaol there was something in the window. We took some photos to see what it was


     In this photo you see some thing in the window.

     In the photo underneath will show you will see a board that i got sent from Maitland gaol that what do you think ? Thank you the Maitland  gaol staff.


   This is where u park your can before you do the tour


                 This is inside one off the blocks



                        This is the exercise yard

                    In this cell we heard the foot steps and more


          In this photo you will see a face in the window


  In this photos you will see faces in the window and a full body too.

Anyone that would like to  experence what it is like to be in gaol should go to maitland gaol i recommend that they go to Maitland is a experence we would like to go back



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