The team went to Junee on the 24/09/11 to do a Investigation it was a good night the team had a lote of fun meeting new people and letting our hair down here are the best photos from that night


                 Mr Crawley grave


    Mr Crawley baby who died at 10 mouth


        Dad and daughter both together













             Junee ghost tour 10/11/08

Monte Cristo The most haunted building in  Australia 10/11/08

      You ready must see it to truly believe

On the 10th on June 2008 Margaret, Jessica, Rex, and myself are going to Junee to do the ghost tour at Monte Cristo house. It should be really good to go to. We are leaving Saturday morning fist we will go and see the licorice factory, and maybe then  all go and have a nice hamburger or visit the shops too. I plan on w taking lots of photos when I am there. It will take us 6 hours to drive to Junee but we will stop and rest as we drive there. We hope it does not rain while we are away. We had a good time there we got lots of photos and evev got some we photos with things in them I will add some photos to the site so you all see them


Rex walking up the stairs an image on his back

Up top on the balcony there is a lady there that was not there when we took the photo can you see her and  I like to now who she is

       This is Margaret and Jessica at Junee

           Jessica having fun on the tour

This is a old tram that they had there this is new it was not there when I was there last time as you can see there some one in the window on the left sitting there with a hat on

   This is where we site and get told about the building and where we eat our food


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