Glowing Cross

In September, 1907 an Australian railway worker, William Steenson, died while trying to halt a runaway train carriage. He tried to stop the carriage with his own body but was thrown and killed. Steenson was buried in a cemetery at Lismore and a stone cross placed over his grave. His name and details of his death were inscribed on the cross along with a short passage, this passage would be a clue to what later happened.

11 years after his death the cross marking his grave started to glow, at night the glow was so strong that the graves around the glowing cross could be clearly seen.

It was not until 1978 that a reporter for the local Lismore paper decided to write an article about this strange glowing cross, it subsequently became worldwide news, followed shortly by experts in different fields to explain this strange event. Many explainations were put forward but all disproved. The inscription on the cross is as follows:

Though sorrow and darkness encompass the tomb,

Thy Saviour has pass'd through its darkness before thee...

And the Lamp of his Love

Is thy guide through the gloom.




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