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Hi my name is Peter,  I went on a ghost tour of the Picton tunnels recently and found it amazing. When the tour guide had finished telling us about a young girl named Emily whose spirit is in the tunnel and about a man's spirit also in the tunnel who is trying to stop people from making contact with her, I experienced some thing that i can not explain properly. While I was taking my photos I suddenly fell, grabbing hold of the guide, she turned to me asking was I alright, I told her  that I couldn't  stand  and suddenly fell  to my knees and  was unable to move. I felt like I was in a trance and it was hard for me to breath. The guide called out for two men to drag me away from the tunnel. When i came around she told me that she saw the spirit of a man sitting on my chest and was about to enter me. I thanked the guide and the two men for helping me. This really happened and I will never forget it.  If you would like to contact me you can on my email [email protected]
from Andrew
When I was 12 years old my grandfather died in April of 1974.  One year later, in August 1975, on a summer night we had a seance: my mother , my stepfather and my younger brother of 10.  As we sat around on the floor of our living room we had a single candle burning.  My stepfather asked if the departed spirit of my grandfather was present.  About a minute later i got a chill down my right side and the flame on the candle shot straight up about a foot, flickered (al­most as if in a tube that was being shaken) and then shot down.  Suddenly, my stepfather felt tremendous chest pains as if he was having a heart attack.  He got up and ran into his bedroom and we did not see him until the next morning. No one feels comfortable speaking about this or who was there.
These photos were sent to me by Jodhy Kreshnapati from Indonesia so i hope you like them              

Gary Wolfe 3 October 2009

Hi i am from USA-Michigan i have a couple stories to tell you my first experience was back in 2002. I was 12 at the time, myself, my mom and her boyfriend went down to southern Kentucky to an old rebuilt town in the woods. The town was 150+ yrs old, some buildings original some new, well we all noticed a cave and a stream that ran across in from of it. The stream was at leas 20-30ft away from the cave as all three of us headed towards the cave. We were all walking in a some what row, there were no over hanging tree branches. No shrubs or anything above, it was a clear stone covered area around the stream. Before we reached the stream i noticed my forehead was bleeding! There were no cuts, no bugs were around to bite. After that we left. We got out of that town. In 2004 in my house in Chesaning, MI 308 N. Main St. i had been seeing shadows. Cat, dog and even child size, i hated that house it hated me. I had a slight fear of that house i felt safest with my dog around. Well any way, one day was laying on the floor. I said something, i can't remember what but an old metal toy car was thrown at me. 2 months after that we moved out.


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