The team went to anita corlby

The team went to prospect on 15-09-14 where Anita Corlby was killed we took lots of photos and did evp work too tell us what you see in the photos


 In this photo what look like two people tell me what you see


          In this photo you see a orb behind blaze, felicity


                 In this photo you see two black shadows


               In this photo you see behind me look like a face


 In this photo you will see a face and a orb on the back of the youngest team member felicity



     Prospect Ghost Hunting

The team and I went to Prospect looking for where Anita Cobby was killed we went down a street that use to be called 'lovers lane.'

We walked down the road it was around 8-9pm and it was dark.  After awhile it got real dark and we looked around and it felt like someone was looking at us.

I started to take some photos when my camera went flat but i did get some good photos but do not know who they are.

One of my team members Sean walked back towards the car and was standing left hand side but we actually thought he was on the right where we could see the black shadow!!

Here are some of the photos we got from there.


  In this photo you can someone standing next to a tree


                  I am not sure what this is ?



 In this photo you will see there are 3 people standing in this photo

                              I am not sure what this is ?







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