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                    On the 06/06/09 on Saturday


   Today the team did the ghost tour at the Quarantine Station located at Manly, NSW.

   Our tour guide was Michael who made the experience informative and exciting. We started our tour at the luggage room and

   were told how the luggage from incoming ship passengers was taken into the room and placed into the autoclave to be sterilised.


   The next room we went into was the shower

   room where passengers were required to strip down and shower. A strange event occurred here as Jason walked around the back of the

   shower room a black shadow appeared

   standing in front of one of the showers. It

   stood about 6 foot and was also seen by other members. Before a camera could be used the shadow figure disappeared. 


  We proceeded to the hospital building and took this photo, you can see there is a blue mist and it appeared to look like a person. Further examination of this photo seems to indicate more ghostly images.

    This is inside of the hospital

             Here is a picture of some orbs


   This photo shows a mist on top of the group 


   On the other side of this building a member

   Dean took this photo



              This photo was taken by Dean


             This photo was taken by Peter

                  07-09-07 on Wednesday night

This is all of us before we did the ghost tour at manly quarantine centre at north head.

Here Margaret and my daughter Jessica also my friend,Lisa and Peter.                                                     

We went to manly to do a ghost tour it started at 1930 to 2230 we did not get out of it to 2300. It was so good we loved it we like to go back there again. As we start to walk around the building it started to rain and it was cold.

We walked to one building and peter said that he can feel a little girl running around the tour guide told us there was a little girl there.

We went into a lot of buildings and they all were good in one building. I got a picture that looked  like a lady I showed our tour guide the picture of a lady, she said that was the fist time some one got a picture in that room.

We did walk around into a lot of buildings, in another building I got a picture of a head the window of the shower block and orbs in other the pictures.


Pictures from the ghost tour and as you see a lady or some thing in the right hand side of the picture. Also the tour guide and our group

This is a picture off some orbs above my girl jessica

This is the picture of the head I got in the window of the shower block.


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